New fair play and mixed sport.
Accessible even to the weakest pupils, this game enables everyone’s integration.
In view of its collective dimension, everyone takes an important role in the action.
This game was inspired by different other games, taking the best of each of them to meet the requirements and interests of its players.
Poull Ball won the Panathlon Fair Play Price in Belgium.
A lot of workshops are organized throughout the year.
Today, Poull Ball is accredited and defended by the federation of school sports.
The official material is available on Megaform.

In short

  • Two mixed teams of 5 players
  • Two bases (Immune to contacts)
  • A big ball (21.6 inches in diameter)
  • Two square targets on top of the bases
  • 3 passes before being able to shoot
  • Two impenetrable round zones
  • 150 000 youngers
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It is ideal for players to be self-referees.
In this way the teacher only makes sure rules are followed and respected.


Two mixed teams (girls and boys) play a match with a big ball on basketball court. In cooperation, the goal is to bring down two targets on the coast. A choice can be made between these targets because these ones don’t belong to any teams. We can shoot on both sides

  • Official material

    • A big ball (21.6 inches in diameter)
    • Two bases (Immune to contact)
    • Two target (cubes placed on plinth)
    • Two impenetrable round zone

  • Basis rule

    • 1. How to score?

      The goal is to flip a cube placed on one of the two plinth.
      Throwing techniques :

      • One or two hands
      • One touch throw
      • Chest, bounce or flip pass

    • 2. Re-entry takes place from the location where the ball exited the court.

    • 3. Turning over takes place from center court after scoring.

    • 4. Ball movement :

      Obligatory    : 3 passes before throwing at cube, max 5 seconds possession
      Allowed         : 3 steps, ball in hand (1 pivot)
      Phrohibited  : Dribbling, penetrating unauthorized zones (circles)

    • 5. Warning and errors

      Throw in:
      • Non-compliance to 3 step rule
      • Non-compliance to 3 passes

      Penalty :
      • Impact on the opportunity to throw a scoring point

      A defensive player is in the unauthorized zone when the opponent shoots = Throw counts !


      • Contact to the ball carrier : perpendicular lateral re-entry
      • Contact during the throw : Penalty

      Focus on respect, the teacher watches that this type of behavior does not happen! On the other hand, if this does happen, the player at fault is warned before being sanctioned. FAIR-PLAY is the most important objective of the game!

    • 6. Subsitutions

      Mixture (girls and boys on the court) must be respected all times
      Number of subsitutions is unlimited
      Subsitutions must be made while the game is stopped

    • 7. Penalties

      Player stands in center court. Player's feet firmly planted face the opposite cube, therefor, has his back to the cube. Player has to throw backwards without pivoting.

    • 8. The score

      Wether a team scores one or two points, all of the players applaud no matter which team has scored. This is to encourage sportsmanship and respect.

    • 9. End of game

      Each team gets in a single file line facing each other in the center of the court, as they walk towards the other to shake hands.

    • Good game!


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